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Audi Quattro Combines Traction, Sport, and Innovation in A Unique AWD System

What if we told you that there was an all-wheel drive system so intelligent, it can prevent wheel slip before it occurs? It’s true, and it’s been around for over thirty-five years. Called “quattro,” it can be found on every Audi model we sell. But its engineering is just as innovative as its philosophy, and even if you’re not a tech nerd, it’s still pretty neat!

Quattro’s ability to send power to the wheels with the most grip is because it uses a center differential with two output shafts instead of a transfer case. The sixth-gen system used in most current Audi models has a crown-gear differential, which in addition to being lighter and more versatile, allows more power to be routed between axles. It also enables torque and brake vectoring, or the routing of power or braking force between individual wheels. In normal driving, 60 percent of the power goes aft, and 40 percent forward, but up to 70 and 85 percent respectively can be directed to either axle—all without the driver being any wiser.

Want to learn more about the quattro system available on our new Audi models? We’d be happy to assist you. Contact our Birmingham, MI location, and we’ll set you up for a test drive with an equipped vehicle.


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