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Your Fuel Tank In Winter

The snow has already started piling up since the official start to winter just a short amount of time ago. When you hear that some nasty winter weather is approaching, there are probably some things that you try to get done quickly to prepare, whether it be grabbing some extra food from the grocery store or making sure that your snow blower is tuned up and ready to go.

​One item of business that we want you to add to that list is to make sure your gas tank in your vehicle is filled up. While you may not be…
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Find your ideal used car today

When you are looking for a car that is affordable, you consider all that are out there and you look for something that is not only low priced but fitting to you and your needs. When you buy a car used, you get something that is affordable and also great.

We have a wide variety of used cars for sale at Audi Birmingham, and each one has something special to offer. Each of the vehicles on our lot is in g

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Take Food in Your Car Without Spilling It During the Holiday Season

You have been asked to bring a dish of food to a holiday party that you are going to be attending, and you would like to haul that in your car without spilling it. There are some tips and tricks that you can follow that will help you to do that.

When you are taking a dish of food in your car, you need to make sure that the food is insulated so that it will stay a good temp as your drive. Putting the dish of food in a cooler and then wrapping towels around it will not only…
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Why you should choose winter wiper blades over ordinary wiper blades

Car enthusiasts concentrate on accessorizing major car parts to fit their taste, different from manufacturer’s finished model. Some of the accessories changed include side mirror’s housing, alloy rims, sunroofs, wheels, with other exterior and interior modifications intended to better a car’s appearance. However, the thought of modifying car’s performance is least considered when making some of the adjustment. The following reasons back Fred Lavery Company advice to car owners and prospective car owners to switch from ordinary wiper blades to winter wiper blades;

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Why Tire Size Matters

Many vehicle owners take tires for granted. As long as they stay inflated, they are rarely given a second thought. Tires play a major role in the performance and safety of your vehicle, and the team at Fred Lavery Co. in Birmingham, MI wants to help you find the right ones. One thing that is for certain with tires is that one size does not fit all.

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Start the Season With a Routine Service Appointment

When did you last take your vehicle for seasonal maintenance? Bringing your luxury car in for seasonal maintenance is very useful, as it will help you keep the car in great shape. When you visit us at Fred Lavery Company in Birmingham, MI, our experienced team will provide you with a thorough check-up of your car to get you ready for the cold weather just around the corner.


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Reasons to Rotate Your Tires

Tires are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. Your tires are most likely designed to last for well over 25,000 miles if they are treated well. Whether you get a new set of tires this year or you continue on with your current set, following routine maintenance is very important. Let the Fred Lavery Company help!

One of the most important parts of any tire maintenance plan is a regular tire rotation. There are several benefits and reasons why you should have your tires rotated on a regular basis.

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