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Understanding the Tire Pressure Light

Correct tire pressure is important not just to add tire life but also to ensure your car is driving as safe as possible. Newer cars have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that will monitor pressure and let you know with a light if your tires have incorrect tire pressure. If you don't fully understand how this works or need assistance with manually checking your tires, stop at Fred Lavery Company and have our techs provide assistance.

Use of the TPMS has decreased the number of traffic fatalities but is not designed to replace monitoring your tires yourself. On…

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Vehicle Tire Treads - Keeping a Close Eye

As part of winter car maintenance for your car you should always check your tire treads. Driving your vehicle with worn down tire treads is dangerous and can damage your vehicle's wheels alignment. Buying brand new tires is the counter as this is the only way to allow you and your family the proper safety when it comes to worn out tire treads.

As soon as you notice this problem with your tire treads, visit Fred Lavery Company immediately. If you aren't aware of the proper moment to reach out to the service center, just always make sure…
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Weak Battery? It Could Be Your Alternator

Automobile engines are complex. Several different problems can lead to the same symptom. When it comes to a weak battery, the same is true. Your car's battery can be weak because the battery is going bad or because it isn't being charged while you drive.

What charges your car's battery? The alternator is the part that generates electricity while your car's engine is running. If engines didn't have an alternator, the car's battery when quickly run out of charge because of the electrical demands of the engine, lights, and cabin appliances. When the alternator…

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Brakes Guide: Brake Fluid

Ever start to feel your brakes getting rough? If your brakes grind down frequently, they probably get hot under the pressure. Brake fluid can help your braking system to not overheat. Brake fluid checks are typically needed every 6 months. If you have not had your brakes checked recently, you may be in need of service.

Where is brake fluid stored? You can check the brake reservoir, which is typically located near a brake booster on the driver's side. You can also find a diagram in most car owner manuals to see where your brake reservoir is.

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Pack What Will Get You Unstuck

Sand, salt, and litter are great to have in your car for when you get stuck. It is likely that you will get stuck in the winter because of all the ice and snow, so you need to prepare yourself. Sand, salt, and litter are all great for giving you traction. You will be able to get enough traction and get unstuck as long as you have what you need when you need it.

Come see us here at Fred Lavery Company to get your car all winterized and so that we can check your battery, tire pressure, and fluids…
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